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Jenny: 没错 John[??]收拾一下

John: OK, so they need to 收拾 the whole kitchen


John: Alright, so there’s the right?


Jenny: 嗯,[????]厨房里很有很多工具,也没有厨具和餐具。

John: OK, so two different types of tools, the first type is

Jenny: 厨具,厨房的厨。。

John: Ah, 厨房的厨 and we know is room, so 厨房 basically means “kitchen” a?

Jenny: 对,这儿 厨具 就是。。你在厨房的做菜,做菜的时候就到用的一些工具。

John: Cooking tools, cooking utensils, they are both..

Jenny: 厨具

John: chu2 second tone, ju4 forth tone, and then what other kinds of tools?

Jenny: 餐具,餐具

John: can1, this is like can1ting1

Jenny: 嗯,对,或者早餐 对巴breakfast

John: OK, referring to eating, so eating tools!

Jenny: 嗯,那么就是在西方,刀,叉 fork and knife 然后在东方餐具就是筷子,碗啦,这些东西。

JohnSo, in China can1ju4 is not only knife and fork, but also chopsticks and bowls, and plates?

Jenny: 对的,对的,盘子就是餐具。

JohnSo you might say tableware or something like that.


Jenny: [??]吃饭的时候要用的工具

JohnOK got it!

Jenny: 好,那么我们后来找]到了一个厨具,是一个锅,一个锅

JohnThey found one cooking utensil and it is the wok, correct?

Jennyguo 第一声

John: First tone, so of course what do you do with a wok

Jenny: 要朝菜可用锅,炒菜

John: Chao3 refers to stir fry right?


Jenny: 对的,那么这个几个菜不[]是素菜,不[] vegetables [????]

John: Any dishes or food


John: OK, and what is missing from the kitchen

Jenny: 没有菜刀,没有菜刀

John: So 菜刀 is like a vegetable knife, or a food knife?


Jenny: A food knife, 那在中国呢如果你说菜刀, 一般我们决会想象一种大的刀[????] [???]可怜公布可能

JohnYeah, it’s true the typical Chinese kitchen knife is kind of scary. It looks like a cleaver

Jenny:[???]大大的 [??]metal 很大的

JohnIt’s big, it’s a lot bigger than what we normally think of needing in the West

Jenny:但是 这种大的菜刀在中国呢很[??]一般我们切素菜啊,切肉啊,都会用这个大的菜刀。

JohnSo this is very common in a Chinese kitchen we call a Chinese kitchen knife 菜刀 and it is a lot bigger than you might expect.

John: Alright, then what else is missing from the kitchen?

Jenny: 还有铲子和勺子,铲子和勺子,

Johnchan3zi, third tone and neutral, does that mean shovel?


Jenny: 阿是的,它可以是一个shovel [??] 铲雪对巴。在这里厨房的铲子就是少太用的

John: So, it’s a cooking shovel, otherwise it is known as a spatula

Jenny: 一把铲子,那后面还有一个勺子,勺子。

JohnOK, the smaller ones are for eating soup, but they can be bigger?


John: Ah, for dishing out soup would be a ladle


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