Chinese Pronunciation

Pinyin Section 6

E with Z, C, S, ZH, CH, SH, R

This section contains no new sounds. Rather, it combines sounds you have already learned in Section 3, Section 4, and Section 5 to form new syllables. The pronunciation of the Mandarin sounds e, ei, en, and eng follow the same rules as in Section 5. Notice, however, that not every combination is used in Mandarin. (Those spaces are left blank in the chart.)

Listen to the sounds of this section and try repeating them by clicking on the syllables below:

  e ei en eng er
z ze zei zen zeng  
c ce   cen ceng  
s se   sen seng  
zh zhe zhei zhen zheng  
ch che   chen cheng  
sh she shei shen sheng  
r re   ren reng