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"You're Nothing!" Mild Swearing in Chinese

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ID: 2821 Intermediate
In today's lesson you're going to learn some mild swearing. Cursing can be an excellent way to vent your frustration, and used correctly, can be very effective at getting your point across. In today's lesson we learn a curse word that you wouldn't usually associate with swearing and that is the term "thing" or 东西 (dong xi). Today we hear this word used in the context of two neighbours taking out their trash, only to find that one of them has made the other neighbours house messy with their trash bags. Listen to the heated argument, and after the lesson you'll be able to use this insult whenever someone crosses you.   Credits:Picture of the elements
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家伙 jiāhuo guy
垃圾 lājī garbage
礼貌 lǐmào politeness
柱子 zhùzi pillar
nǎge jiāhuo bǎ lājī fàng zài wǒ jiā ménkǒu ?yǒumeiyǒu diǎnr jīběn lǐmào ā ?zhēn shì gè lājī !
Who put their rubbish at the entrance of my home? Haven't you got any common courtesy? What a piece of trash!
wǒ fàng de ,zěnmeyàng ?zěnmeyàng ?zhè yě shì wǒjiā ménkǒu 。
I put it there, what about it? What are you going to do? That's also the entrance to my home.
nǐ jiā ?kàndào zhè gēn zhùzi méiyǒu ?zhùzi zuǒbiān shì nǐ jiā ,yòubiān shì wǒjiā ,nǐ de lājī zài yòubiān !
Your home? Do you see that pillar? To the left of the pillar is your home, to the right is my home, your rubbish is on the right!
zhǐ bùguò yībàn zài nǐ jiā ,yǒu shénme dàbùliǎo ?línjū bùshì yīnggāi hùxiāng bāngmáng ma ?
Just half of it is in your home, what's the big deal? Aren't neighbors supposed to help each other out?
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