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ID: 2966 Intermediate
BRIDGE LESSON This lesson is a bit more challenging and is meant to help Intermediate learners push up into the higher levels. The hope for this lesson is that you start seeing how sarcasm, cultural references, and historical figures can be used in a dialogue. It's fine if you don't remember everything from the lesson, but hopefully If you hear any of the statements in future, you will understand a bit more. In this lesson, we hear a small argument between two friends that have fallen out because one of them embarrassed them in front of some girls that he liked. Photo by pedestrianrex
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家伙 jiāhuo guy
两肋插刀 liǎnglèichādāo to help a friend even at one's own risk
tǒng to stab
忠言逆耳 zhōngyánnìěr honest advice is unpleaseant to the ear
nǐ zhè jiāhuo !shuō shénme huì zài hǎopéngyou xūyào bāngzhù de shíhou ,liǎnglèichādāo ,wǒ kàn nǐ shì bèihòu tǒngdāo ba 。
You son of a gun! You're all talk about how you'll do all you can for a friend in need and that you'd even take a bullet for them. It seems more like you'd be the one stabbing them in the back.
zhōngyánnìěr ,liángyàokǔkǒu ,nǐ bù xǐhuan ,wǒ yě méi bànfǎ 。
Just because I don't tell you what you want to hear doesn't mean I'm not a good friend. I'm not going to sugarcoat things. If you don't like it, then there's nothing I can do about it.
zuì hǎo shì !juéde zìjǐ shì Wèi Zhēng ma ?shì zhèngyǒu ma ?yǒu nǎge zhèngyǒu huì ràng zìjǐ de péngyou zài zhòngrén miànqián diū liǎn de 。
Yeah right! Who do you think you are? Wei Zheng? A "true friend"? How can you be a good friend when you embarrass them in public?
wǒ shì wèi nǐ hǎo 。
It's for your own good.
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