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You Should Watch Game of Thrones

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ID: 2944 Intermediate
  Have you been watching Game of Thrones? Don't worry, we won't give away any spoilers, although we will teach you the chinese for it! Learn lots of useful words to describe your personal taste in telvevision and movies, as well as telling your friends that they are perverted people who love blood, sex and gore! Game of Thrones Title Music composed by Ramin Djawadi
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权力的游戏 quánlìdeyóuxì Game of Thrones
场面 chǎngmiàn scene
战争 zhànzhēng war
相当 xiāngdāng equivalent to
dēng --děng 、dēng dēng dēng --děng 、dēng dēng dēng děng 、dé dé dēng děng 。
(Game of Thrones theme music)
nǐ zài kàn quánlìyóuxì ya ?wǒ tīngshuō nà bù yǐngjí lǐ yǒu hěn duō zhòng kǒuwèi de chǎngmiàn ,hěn hǎokàn !
Are you watching Game of Thrones? I've heard that TV series has a lot of hardcore scenes, apparently it's great!
duìya !wǒ shì quánlì yóuxì de fěnsī ,lǐmiàn yǒu hěn duō xiāngyàn de xìngài chǎngmiàn !
Yeah! I'm a GOT fan. There's lots of steamy sex scenes in the show!
nǐ zhè ge xiàliú de dōngxi !wǒ shuō de shì ,wǒ kàn guò yī duàn zhànzhēng chǎngmiàn ,xiāngdāng bàolì ,kǒuwèi hěn zhòng 。
You dirty perve! What I was referring to was a battle scene that I saw. It was very violent and intense.
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