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You Also Live in the Same Apartment?

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ID: 4044 Intermediate
This lesson is all about coincidence and mistaken identity. While out on the street, a father bumps into his drunk daughter who then asks him his name and address, and gets more and more surprised when he says that he lives in the same place as her. It's not until the end of the dialogue that she finds out it's really her father. For a video about how to introduce yourself, check out: Introduce Your Name Like a Native
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贵姓 guì xìng surname (polite)
搞错 gǎocuò be mistaken
qǐngwèn nín guì xìng ā ?
Can I ask your surname please?
miǎnguìxìng Wáng ,sān héng yī shù Wáng 。
My surname is Wang, the "Wang" character with three horizontal strokes and one vertical stroke.
wǒ yě xìng Wáng ,nǐ zhù nǎr ā ?
My surname is Wang too. Where do you live?
wǒ zhù chángān dàjiē fùjìn ,nǐ zhīdào huāqíyínháng bù ?wǒjiā jiù zài yínháng zuǒbiān nà dòng lóu 。
I live near Changan Street. Do you know where the Citibank is? My place is in the building to the left of the bank.
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