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Workplace compliments 商业赞美──夸夸伙伴

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ID: 4186 Upper Intermediate
One of the successes of a high performing team is the use of workplace compliments and recognitions. Find out how to make compliments and return compliments in Mandarin! 在商业场合我们如何向同事或者客户表达赞美,或者委婉地提出意见?商业场合的语言又与平时有什么不同呢?这一课里我们还将学习中文当中复杂定语前置的情况,快来听听吧! HSK lvl 5 出色 逻辑 废话 HSK lvl 6 条理 确保 预算
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精彩 jīngcǎi wonderful; marvelous; brilliant
一头雾水 yītóuwùshuǐ to be confused
nín you (courteous, as opposed to informal
夸奖 kuājiǎng to praise; to applaud; to compliment
nǐ gāngcái de bàogào zhēnshi tài jīngcǎi le !duì shùjù yītóuwùshuǐ de wǒ ,dōu néng yīxiàzi hěn hǎo de lǐjiě qùnián de xiāoshòu qíngkuàng 。
Your report just now was wonderful! I am usually confused about data but I could understand the sales situation last year.
xièxie nín de kuājiǎng 。zhège yòng túbiǎo hé dònghuà yǎnshì de zhǔyi ,shì wǒmen tuánduì yīqǐ xiǎng chūlái de 。
Thank you for your compliment. The use of charts and animations were the team’s idea.
tài chūsè le !dònghuà de shèjì hěn yǒu zhuānyè shuǐzhǔn 。
Excellent! The design of the animation is very professional.
shì de ,zhè dōu yào guīgōng yú wǒmen de shèjìshī 。
Yes, it’s all thanks to our designer Xiao Zhang.
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