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Women's Day Special

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ID: 7419 Intermediate
  Happy International Women's Day! Today we celebrate a few of the many women that shaped Chinese history. We look at 6 women from very different backgrounds that challenged the status quo through their actions, whether it be in politics, poetry or who they chose to love. Check out our brief introductions to 武则天 Wu Zetian, 慈禧太后 The Empress Dowager Cixi, 李清照 Li Qingzhao, 卓文君 Zhuo Wenjun, 柳如是 Liu Rushi and 陈圆圆 Chen Yuanyuan. Chinese Dynasty Photo
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8th of March, or slang for a foolish woman
nǐ zěnme nàme sānbā !dōu sìshí duō suì le hái chuān nàme huā de yīfu 。
You are so slutty ! Wearing such over the top clothes even though you are over 40!
wǔzétiān 、wǔmèi
Wu Ze Tian (624-705)
wǔzétiān shì Zhōngguó wéiyī de nǚ huángdì 。
Wu Zhe Tian was the only ever female emperor of China.
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