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"Without you I'm so lonely" 没有你陪伴真的好孤单

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ID: 4331 Intermediate
“没有你陪伴真的好孤单” is a lengthy song title, but nothing’s too long for a stark cry about missing your lover. In this new episode of Journey into Mandopop, Chi explains this Chinese mega-hit about loneliness which, as it’s very straight-to-the-point, is great for learning Chinese!
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陪伴 péibàn to accompany
孤单 gūdān lonely
慌乱 huāngluàn frenetic
恐惧 kǒngjù fear; dread
chéngshì de yèwǎn ,níhóngdēng cuǐcàn 。
The neon lights are shining at night in the city.
diǎnliàng hēiàn ,gǎn bù zǒu gūdān 。
You can't drive loneliness away even lighting up the darkness.
wǔyè hé báitiān ,bùtíng de jiāohuàn 。
Constant exchange between day and night.
yóuzǒu zài jiētóu ,yīgē rén gūdān 。
I am alone wandering on the street.
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