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Winning through stability 稳中求胜──中国经济

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ID: 4136 Advanced
In this lesson we learn how the use of the Chinese word 稳 (meaning steady or stable) is being used to describe the health of the economy and the policies by the government to ensure healthy long term sustainable economic growth. We chose the idiom 稳中求胜 as the lesson title which means to win through stability. 您将学习如何使用“稳”这个字,来描述经济的发展状况;以及政府为确保长期可持续健康发展而采取的政策。 主题用了成语“稳中求胜”来描述当时中国经济的状况,意思是说中国经济在保持现有稳定的状态便算取胜。 您將學習如何使用“穩”這個字,來描述經濟的發展狀況;以及政府為確保長期可持續健康發展而採取的政策。主題用了成語“穩中求勝”來描述當時中國經濟的狀況,意思是說中國經濟在保持現有穩定的狀態便算取勝。
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宏观 hóngguān macro-; macroscopic; holistic
供给侧结构性改革 gōnggěicèjiégòuxìnggǎigé Supply side structural reform
微观 wēiguān micro-
韧性 rènxìng toughness; tenacity
jiéxuǎn zì XīnhuáWǎng
Excerpt from Xinhuanet
jìnrì ,Guówùyuàn jīnróng wěndìng fāzhǎn wěiyuánhuì (xiàchēng jīnróng Wěi zhàokāi dìsāncì huìyì )
Recently, the State Council Financial Stability Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as the third meeting of the Finance Committee)
huìyì rènwéi ,dāngqián hóngguān jīngjì xíngshì zǒngtǐ wěndìng ,jīngjì jīnróng bǎochí wěndìng fāzhǎn tàishì gōnggěicèjiégòuxìnggǎigé chíxù shēnhuà ,jiùyè bǎochí wěndìng ,wēiguān zhǔtǐ rènxìng jìnyībù zēngqiáng 。
The meeting held that the current macroeconomic situation is generally stable, economic and financial development are on a stable trend, supply-side structural reforms continue to refine, employment remains stable, and microeconomics resilience is further strengthened.
wěn ”zì dāngxiān de gǎigé
“Steady or stability” is forefront in this reform.
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