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Who Is Your Ideal Partner?

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ID: 3047 Upper Intermediate
Who is your ideal partner? Find out how to describe your ideal man or woman in this show about love and relationships.
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标准 biāozhǔn standard
比如说 bǐrú shuō for example
外貌 wàimào appearance
霸道 bàdào overbearing
èi ,nǐ de nánshén shì shénme biāozhǔn ā ?bǐrú shuō ,wàimào 、gèxìng 、gōngzuò ?
Hey, what kind of man would you classify as your dream man? In terms of appearance, personality and job etc.?
shǒuxiān dāngrán děi shì bàdào nán zǒngcái shì de ā ,yīnwèi zhǐyǒu nàyàng de cái kěyǐ diǎnliàng wǒ de nà kē Mǎlìsū shàonǚxīn 。
First of all, of course I'd like an overbearing CEO-type because only that kind of man can get my Mary-Sue heart going.
bàdào nán zǒngcái ,nà huì bùhuì hěn zhínánái ā ?
An overbearing CEO-type? Isn't that quite chauvinistic?
dāngrán bùhuì zhǐyǒu bàdào zhè yī tiáo ,tā hái děi wēnróu ,duì nǚshēng yǒu shēnshì fēngdù ,děi shì tiēxīn dà nuǎnnán 。
Of course I don't just want someone who is overbearing, he has to be gentle too, and behave like a gentleman around women. He has to be a considerate, warm-hearted guy.
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