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Who Are You Voting For?

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ID: 2861 Upper Intermediate
Election day is upon us! Who are you going to vote for? The candidate with the conservative foreign policy, the liberal candidate with the innovative education policies, or the front runner with the bold domestic policies? Photo by saumag
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选举 xuǎnjǔ election
刺激 cìjī exciting
漠不关心 mòbùguānxīn disinterested
偏见 piānjiàn prejudice; preference
xià ge xīngqī jiùshì zǒngtǒngxuǎnjǔ le ,nǐmen zěnme kàn ?
The presidential election is just next week, what's your view on it?
wǒ juéde zhècì xuǎnjǔ hěn cìjī ,wǒ de tóngshì gēn péngyou měitiān dōu zài tǎolùn ,shuāngfāng gè yǒu zhīchízhě 。
I think that this election is very exciting, my colleagues and friends have been discussing it every day, both sides have supporters.
wǒ dào juéde zhècì xuǎnqíng hěn lěng ,wǒ shēnbiān rén dōu mòbùguānxīn ,fǎnzhèng shèngfù yǐjīng hěn míngxiǎn le ,yīdìng shì Lǐ déwén ā 。
I actually thought this election was a little dull, nobody I know has any strong feelings about it, because it is already clear who will win. Of course it will be Li De-wen.
xiǎo jié ,xiǎng tóu shéi ?
Xiaojie, who do you want to vote for?
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