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When the Taxi Takes the Long Way

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ID: 0514 Upper Intermediate
Though it’s hard to imagine ever completely getting your bearings in a massive Chinese city, you may from time to time get an inkling that something is wrong when you’ve passed Tiananmen Square for the third time on different sides of the taxi. In this podcast is a lesson in Mandarin Chinese to help you in the unforeseen event of the driver “taking the long route”.
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明明 míngmíng obviously
自作主张 zìzuòzhǔzhāng to act on one's own
高峰 gāofēng peak
耽误 dānwu to delay
shīfu ,nǐ zěnme zǒu zhèlǐ ā ?
Driver, how come you're going this way?
nà tiáo lù zài xiū ,zhǐhǎo zǒu zhè tiáo le 。
That road is under construction, so we have to go this way.
wǒ qiántiān cái zǒu guo ,míngmíng kěyǐ zǒu de ma 。
The day before yesterday I just went that way. It was clearly fine.
jiùshì zuótiān cái kāishǐ xiū de 。wǒ tiāntiān zài lùshang pǎo ,bùhuì húshuō de 。
Yeah, they just started yesterday. I'm on these roads every day. I know what I'm talking about.
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