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What's His Problem With Me?

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ID: 3050 Intermediate
Drama in the office! Two colleagues are discussing a possible conflict between a third person. Together they try and think what possibly could have caused the bad feelings.
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突然 tūrán suddenly
座位 zuòwèi seat
讲了 jiǎng le to talk
小人 xiǎorén scoundrel
Fāng tóng ,nǐ jīntiān gēn Lǐ míng shuō guò huà le ma ?
Fangtong, have you spoken to Liming today?
yǒu ā ,wǒmen jīntiān zhōngwǔ yīqǐ chī de fàn ,zěnmele ma ?
Yes. We ate lunch together today. What about it?
tā zǎoshang tūrán dào wǒ zuòwèi ,jiǎng le yī jù ”nǐ zhè ge xiǎorén ”jiù zǒu le ,bù zhīdào jiūjìng zěnmehuíshì 。
This morning he suddenly came to where I was sitting and said "You petty little man" and then walked off. I don't know what happened.
wǒ yě bù zhīdào ,tā chīfàn de shíhou kàn qǐlái hěn hǎo 。
I don't know either. He looked fine when we were eating.
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