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What is a Chengyu?

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ID: 0853 Intermediate
Take 5,000 years of linguistic history and ancient literature... throw in a few snakes, frogs, and fanciful tales. Mix in the odd digit for good measure. What do you get? Cryptic Chinese idioms. Now, we're not saying they're all as easy as 'horse horse tiger tiger,' but at least there's that one to get some mileage out of. Now listen to this podcast, and avoid being 'stupid lips stupid tongue.'
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成语 chéngyǔ idiom
乱七八糟 luànqībāzāo in a mess
日常 rìcháng day-to-day
以为 yǐwéi to think mistakenly
ǎ ,zhème duō chéngyǔ !tài luànqībāzāo le !zěnme bàn ?
Ah! So many chengyu! What a mess! What should I do?
bié dānxīn ,rìcháng shēnghuó bù xūyào nàme duō chéngyǔ ,zhīdào jǐ ge jiù hǎo 。bǐrú luànqībāzāo 。
Don't worry, in everyday life you don't need to know very many chengyu. If you know a few, it's enough. For example, 'what a mess.'
wǒ hái yǐwéi sì ge zì de dōu shì chéngyǔ ,jiéguǒ hǎo duō zhǐ shì pǔtōng cízǔ 。
I thought that four words together were all chengyu. It turns out a lot are just popular sayings.
chéngyǔ dōu shì gùdìng de ,bùnéng suíbiàn gǎi 。
All chengyu are fixed. One can't just change them around.
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