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What are your Holiday Plans?

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ID: 2577 Upper Intermediate
In this lesson, we hear two girls planning a holiday to Australia and New Zealand. Planning a holiday with someone can be stressful, as the other person can get upset that you're hijacking your holiday and throwing your weight around too much or that you're not giving enough input and leaving all the planning to them. Being equipped with the right vocabulary however, can reduce the chance of this kind of misunderstanding.
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攻略 gōngluè plan of action; strategy
功夫 gōngfu time
现成 xiànchéng ready made
路线 lùxiàn route
xiǎo huáng ,zánmen qù àozhōu xīnxīlán de lǚxíng gōngluè nǐ zuò hǎo le méi ?wǒ tiāntiān jiābān ,wánquán méi gōngfu nòng ,zhècì kě quán kào nǐ le 。
Xiao Huang, have you prepared the itinerary for our trip to Australia and New Zealand? I work overtime everyday, so I've got no time to do it, so it is all on you.
cái gānggāng kāishǐ ne ,wǒ zhèliǎngtiān zàiwǎngshàng jièjiàn biérén xiànchéng de gōngluè 。wǒ juéde zánmen zhǔnbèi gōngzuò yào zuò de chōngfèn xiē 。
I've just started on it, I looked up one by someone online. I think we should do more preparation work.
shì a ,zhòngzhōngzhīzhòng děi xiān bǎ lùxiàn hé jùtǐ mùdìdì quèdìng xiàlai 。Àodàlìyà hé xīnxīlán duìwǒláishuō dōu yǒuxiē mòshēng ,yǒu nǎxiē yǒumíng de chéngshì hé jǐngdiǎn ā ?
Yes, the first priority is to fix some specific routes and destinations. Australia and New Zealand are both unfamiliar to me, what are the famous cities and tourist spots?
duōleqùle 。xiān hé nǐ shuō shuo Àodàlìyà de ā :Xīní chúle yǒu gējùyuàn ,háiyǒu hǎitān 。kūnshìlán yǒu huángjīnhǎiàn ,yǒu hěn duō zhǔtí gōngyuán ,bǐrú huánàxiōngdìyǐngchéng shénme de 。ò ,háiyǒu dàbǎojiāo ,háiyǒu ……
There's so many. Well first let me tell you about Australia: As well as the opera house, Sydney also has beaches. On the Gold Coast in Queensland there are lots of theme parks, like Warner Bros. Movie World among others. Oh, and there's the Great Barrier Reef, and...
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