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What an Ugly Teacup! Did you Make it?

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ID: 4058 Upper Intermediate
In this lesson, a friend pokes fun at an ugly pot they find in their friend's apartment. It turns out they handmade this teacup during a class of their new favourite hobby; hand- mad ceramic pottery.
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造型 zàoxíng style
奇特 qítè peculiar; unusua
歪七扭八 wāiqīniǔbā for a shape to be twisted and crooked
手拉胚 shǒulāpēi pottery
ēi ?zhège huāpén de zàoxíng zěnme zhème ……qítè ya ?wāiqīniǔbā de 。
Huh? How is the design of this flower pot so… unique? It’s all warped.
shénme huāpén ?zhè shì cháwǎn 。wǒ gēn wǒ lǎopó shànggèyuè qù shàng le yī táng shǒulāpēi de kè ,zhè kěshì wǒ qīnshǒu chuàngzuò chūlái de táowǎn ne !
What vase? That’s a teacup. I went last month to a pottery class with my wife, and this is a clay cup I made with my very own hands!
yuánlái shì chūzì nǐ zhège dà yìshùjiā zhī shǒu ya !wǒ shuō ne ,zěnme cónglái yě méi jiàn guò zhème ”yìshù “de táoqì ,nánguài zhè kǒuyuán de qǐfú biànhuà zhème …yǔzhòngbùtóng ne !
So it actually came from the hands of such a great artist as yourself! Well, I say, I never have seen such an “artistic” example of pottery, no wonder the ups and downs of the mouth are so… one of a kind!
wǒ …wǒ zhè shì kèyì niē de ,zhèyàng cái yǒu bùguīzé de měigǎn 。nǐ zài kàn zhè wǎn shēn de húxiàn ,wǒ bǎ shǒuzhǐ jiān de lìdù nániē de bùcuò ,cáinéng chéngxiàn chū zhème liúchàng de xiàntiáo 。
I… I shaped it that way deliberately, that’s how I gave it its irregular beauty. Look again at the curvature of the cup’s body, I had to pinch it with just the right amount of pressure between my fingers, and only then did I manage to get such smooth lines.
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