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WeChat Moments - 朋友圈

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ID: 2881 Upper Intermediate
In today's lesson we discuss WeChat's Moments (朋友圈). This is similar to the facebook feed where you can post status updates, photos, and comment on other people's feeds. Tune in to learn about this feature, including how some people feel it has got overly commercialized and is no longer simply just a friend feed. Photo from Big 5 News
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纯粹 chúncuì purely
交流 jiāoliú to interact
净土 jìngtǔ (Buddhism) Pure Land, usually refers to Amitabha Buddha's Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss
无数 wúshù countless
zuìjìn wēixìn péngyou quān zěnme dōu méi jiàn nǐ gēngxīn le ya ?
Why haven't I seen you posting any updates on WeChat Moments recently?
āi ,wǒ yǐjīng bù wán péngyou quān hěnjiǔ le 。nàlǐ yǐjīng bùzài shì yī gè chúncuì gěi péngyou jiāoliú feelings de jìngtǔ le 。
Ugh, I haven't used Moments for ages already. It's not a safe haven to simply exchange feelings with friends anymore.
zěnme zhème shuō ya ?wǒ juéde péngyou quān háishì hěnyǒuyìsī de ne 。
Why do you say that? I think that Moments is still really cool.
wǒ bù zhīdào nǐ de péngyou quān zěnmeyàng ,fǎnzhèng wǒ de péngyou quān yǐjīng bèi wúshù wēishāng shuāpíng le 。
I don't know what your Moments is like, but my Moments has already been flooded with posts from WeChat merchants.
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