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We Were Burgled

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ID: 2767 Upper Intermediate
You've just arrived at home and it's just chaos. It starts to dawn on you that you've been burgled. Tune in to see how this couple deals with the fact that they have been burgled and learn lots of useful phrases that relate to bad luck.
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乱成一团 luàn chéng yītuán to be a complete mess
sàn to scatter
遭小偷 zāo xiǎotōu to be robbed
报警 bàojǐng to report to the police
tiān a !wūzi lǐ zěnme luàn chéng yītuán ?dōngxi sàn le yīdì !
Gosh! Why is the room such a mess? There is stuff all over the place!
gāi búhuì shì zāo xiǎotōu le ba ?kuài kàn kan shǎo le shénme méiyǒu !
It's not a bulgalry is it? Quickly go look to see if anything is missing!
wǒ xiān bàojǐng ,jǐnliàng bú yào dòng dào dìshang de dōngxi ,yěxǔ jǐngchá lái kěyǐ chá dào shénme zhūsīmǎjì 。
I'll call the police first, try your best not to touch anything on the ground. Maybe the police will be able to find some clues.
hǎo ...ā !wǒ cáng zài yīguì lǐ de jīn xiàngliàn dōu bújiàn le ,wándàn le !
OK... Ah! The gold necklace I hid in the closet is missing, we're done for!
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