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ID: 4084 Advanced
不管您现在是在哪个国家,我想都有被媒体的泛滥和资讯的发达结果所影响, 是不是觉得虽然知识增加了不少,但是人与人之间的距离越来越远了呢?这篇-谈啥都行,别讲道理 ,来自专栏作家-肖遥的文章,用很客观的角度来和我们分享她对微信公众号上推文的看法。 从这篇文章,我们了解了什么是公号。我们也学习了很多不熟悉的词汇,以及文章里词语的用法。我们在这里也学到了一个陕西省的方言-“能不够“和诗人李白的一首很美的诗。 但愿大家阅读完后, 我们都能来分享一下个人不同的感触。而我,就想去找一个咖啡店,约朋友出来面对面好好地聊一聊。
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公号 gōnghào WeChat subscription
各行各业 gèhánggèyè every trade; all professions; all walks of life
无所不知 wúsuǒbùzhī omniscient
专家 zhuānjiā expert; specialist
gōnghào kàn duō le ,měigè rén dōu néngbùgòu fùtǐ 。
When one sees so many WeChat subscriptions, anyone can become possessed into believing they are an expert.
hékuàng zài měi ge gètǐ de néngbùgòu zhīshàng ,háiyǒu gèng duō de 、gèhánggèyè de 、wúsuǒbùzhī wúsuǒbùxiǎo de zhuānjiā gùwèn zài zhēng zhe qiǎng zhe yào dāng nǐ de rénshēng dǎoshī :
In addition to everyone wanting to show off what they know, there are even more “experts” and “advisors” of all walks of life who know everything, and are eager to become your life mentors:
jiāo nǐ rúhé chuàngxīn ,biànchéng bǎwò shídài jí fēngkǒu de tóuzīzhě hé chuàngyèzhě ;
who want to teach you how to be innovative and grasp the fast track atmosphere of the times, and to be able to catch the opportunity to become an investor and entrepreneur;
jiāo nǐ rúhé bǎwò gǎnqíng 、zěnyàng zhǎngwò mìngyùn ,yōngyǒu yī ge zìjǐ shuōlesuàn de rénshēng ;
teach you how to hold onto your relationships, master your destiny, and have a life that you have dictated;
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