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Ways to use 倒。 你倒是试试呀──“倒”的用法

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ID: 4178 Upper Intermediate
倒 is an interesting word. It’s dao3 or dao4. And has more than 1 meaning depending on the context. "你倒是试试呀!” 你听到过这句话吗?当别人这么说的时候,是在单纯地邀请你去试一试吗?这就涉及到了“倒”这个字的用法和表达的情感。快来听听这一课,了解一下“倒”这个多音字都可以怎么使用吧! HSK lvl 5 独立 珍惜 一旦 倒 HSK lvl 6 传授 明明
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传授 chuánshòu to impart; to pass on; to teach
劳神 láoshén to be a tax on (one's mind); to bother; to trouble
费力 fèilì to expend a great deal of effort
合租 hézū co-renting
wā ,shòu le nàme yīdà quān ,shénme mìjué nǐ bù chuánshòu yīxià ?
Wow you’ve lost a lot of weight, how did you do it and why don’t you share the secret?
hái mìjué ne ,nǐ dàoshi yě bān yīcì jiā shì shì ya ,láoshén fèilì ,wǎnshang yī huídào jiā wǒ jiù dǎo zài shāfā shàng qǐ bù lái le 。
What secret? Try moving house yourself.., drains the mind and energy. At night when I return home I just fall on my sofa unable to get up.
shuōhǎo yǐhòu yīqǐ hézū ,nǐ dào zìjǐ xiān dúlì le 。
We agreed to co-share but you went independent and moved out first.
wǒ shì zhēnxī wǒmen de yǒuyì ya ,yīdàn chéngwéi shìyǒu ,nà búshi děng zhe rìhòu bádāoxiāngxiàng ma 。
That’s because I treasure our friendship, once we become roommates, it’s only a matter of time we throw daggers at each other.
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