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Visiting a Colleague in Hospital

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ID: 2981 Upper Intermediate
A colleague has fallen ill and is laid up in hospital for a few days. Two co-worker's during their commute home discuss plans on when to go, and what to buy. Photo by governosp
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住院 zhùyuàn to be in a hospital
难怪 nánguài its no wonder that
确定 quèdìng to confirm
貌似 màosì to seem as if
tīngshuō sūn mìshū bìng le ,yǐjīng zhùyuàn liǎngtiān le 。
I heard that Mr Sun is sick and that he's been in hospital for two days already.
shì ma ?nánguài zuìjìn dōu méi kàndào tā ,zhīdào shì shénme bìng le ma ?
Really? No wonder I haven't seen him recently. Do you know what's wrong with him?
bùtài quèdìng ,màosì wèibìng ,dàn xiángxì qíngxing bùtài qīngchǔ ,míngtiān xiàbān wǒ gēn Xiǎo Zhào dǎsuàn guòqù kàn tā yīxià ,nǐ yào lái ma ?
I'm not too certain. It seems to be stomach trouble, but I'm not clear on the details. Tomorrow after work Xiao Zhao and I plan to go see him. Do you want to come?
qī 、bā nián de lǎotóngshì le ,yīnggāi qù kànkan ,nǐmen zěnme qù ?
He's been my colleague for seven or eight years now, so I should go see him. How are you getting there?
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