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Visit to a Temple (Part 1)

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ID: 2270 Upper Intermediate
Shhhhh! Be quiet! This is a place of worship! In this lesson, ChinesePod heads to a Buddhist temple to learn about the layout and architecture of a Buddhist temple.
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远近闻名 yuǎnjìnwénmíng well-known, renowned
灵隐寺 Língyǐnsì Lingyin Temple
烧香 shāoxiāng to burn incense
许愿 xǔyuàn to make a wish
zhè jiùshì yuǎnjìnwénmíng de Língyǐnsì a ?
This is the world renowned Lingyin Temple?
ng4 ,nǐ kàn ,lái shāoxiāng xǔyuàn de rén duō ba 。
Yeah, look, a lot of people have come to burn incense and pray.
hǎoxiàng Zhōngguó de sìmiào dōu chàbuduō ,méi shénme tèbié de 。
It seems like every other Chinese temple. There's nothing special about it.
bùjú shì dàtóngxiǎoyì 。yībān guīmó jiào dà de sì dōu yǒu sān zuò diàn 。zhè sān zuò diàn yīcì jiàn zài yī tiáo xiàn shàng ,páiliè de hěn zhěngqí 。nǐ kàn zuì wàimian de shì Tiānwángdiàn ,Tiānwángdiàn de hòumian shì Dàxióngbǎodiàn ,Dàxióngbǎodiàn hòumian háiyǒu yī gè diàn 。
The layout is largely the same, but with small differences. Usually large scale temples have three halls. These three halls are constructed in one line, and are lined up precisely. Look, the one on the outside is the Hall of the Gods, and behind it is the Precious Hall of the Great Hero. Behind the Precious Hall of the Great Hero is another hall.
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