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Veteran movie fans 资深影迷—最爱电影

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ID: 4167 Advanced
你是一个电影迷吗?来学学这一课当中人们怎样讨论电影、怎么看影评,这样就能和其他电影迷一起热烈地讨论啦! This is a lesson for movie buffs! Learn vocabulary and phrases you’ll need to read Chinese movie previews and chat with other movie enthusiasts in Chinese! HSK 5 - 简直 细节 趁 HSK 6 - 流浪 爆炸 情节 过瘾 题材 剧本 资深
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爆满 bàomǎn filled to capacity (of theater, stadium, gymnasium etc)
简直 jiǎnzhí simply; at all; practically
chèn to avail oneself of
上映 shàngyìng to show (a movie)
diànyǐngyuàn jīhū chǎng chǎng bàomǎn ,jiǎnzhí yī piào nán qiú 。
It’s almost impossible to buy a movie ticket with cinemas almost fully booked for every show.
shì a ,zuìjìn chèn zhe jiàqī ,wǒ yòu kàn le hǎo jǐ bù Xīn diànyǐng 、hái chóngwēn le jǐ bù zuì ài de jiù diànyǐng 。
You’re right. Recently I took advantage of the holidays to watch several movies and I even managed to rewatch a few classics.
nǐ kàn le dàniánchūyī shàngyìng de 《liúlàng dìqiú 》ma ?zhè kěnéng shì zuìjìn zuì huǒ de kēhuàn piàn 。
Have you watched “Wandering Earth” which debuted on the first day of Chinese New Year. This is possibly the hottest sci if movie now.
wǒ dāngrán kàn le !shèdìng hěn yǒu chuàngyì ,xiǎngxiàng yǒu yìtiān tàiyang huì bàozhà ,rénlèi yào bǎ dìqiú tuī xiàng qítā xīng xì 。
Of course I’ve watched it! An imaginative setting where it imagines that the sun will explode and humans will push the earth towards other galaxies.
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