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Venice flooding 洪水猛兽--威尼斯水灾

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ID: 4131 Upper Intermediate
There have been several natural disasters in several parts of the world with major destruction and damage. Venice experienced a heavy rainfall that led to serious flooding in most parts of the city. This lesson uses the Chinese idiom 洪水猛兽 to describe how heavy floods caused a major disaster in the city. 最近,世界各地都有不同的自然灾害发生,对各国都造成了很严重的损失,威尼斯更是遭遇了一场暴雨,导致大部分城市被淹。本课用洪水猛兽这个成语引入主题,意思是比喻极大的祸害。 最近,世界各地都有不同的自然災害發生,對各國都造成了很嚴重的損失,威尼斯更是遭遇了一場暴雨,導致大部分城市被淹。本課用洪水猛獸這個成語引入主題,意思是比喻極大的禍害。
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泽国 zéguó inundated; a land/ an area that abounds in rivers and lakes
涉水 shèshuǐ wading
潟湖 xìhú lagoon
灌进 guànjìn drain; rinse
láiyuán :XīnhuáWǎng
Source: Xinhuanet
Yìdàlì Wēinísī zāo bàoyǔ chéngshì qīchéng yǐshàng bèi yān
After heavy rains, more than 70% of Venice, Italy was flooded.
Yìdàlì Shuǐchéng Wēinísī shòu kuángfēngbàoyǔ yǐngxiǎng ,shuǐwèi èrshíjiǔrì zhǎng zhì jìn shí nián lái zuì gāo wèi ,chéngshì sìfēnzhīsan lúnwéi zéguó 。
On the 29th, heavy winds and downpours caused the water level around Venice to rise to its highest level in almost a decade. More than three quarters of the city was inundated.
Wēinísī jiētóu bùshǎo yóukè hé jūmín chuān chángtǒngxuē shèshuǐ chūxíng 。
Many tourists and residents in the city wore long boots and waded through the water.
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