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Using 过程 (Guòchéng) and 流程 (liúchéng): Process

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ID: QW0375 Intermediate
In this episode we have a question from Jamsclark about the difference between the Chinese terms 过程 and 流程, which both roughly translate to "process." But we thought this was a little bit too easy, so we decided to throw in two other words, 进程 and 历程, which have similar meanings. Are you ready to start the process of differentiating them? Keep sending in your questions.
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yǒuxiē zhíwù de shēngzhǎng guòchéng fēicháng màn 。
Some plants have a very slow growing process.
zhěnggè to take care of guòchéng fēicháng jiǎndān ,nǐ zhǐyào àn yī gè jiàn jiù xíng le 。
The entire process is very simple, you just need to push a button.
wǒ huì yīzhí xiǎngshòu ài nǐ de guòchéng ,jiéguǒ zěnmeyàng bìngbù zhòngyào 。
I will enjoy every moment of the process of loving you, what comes of it is not important.
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