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University Nostalgia (Part 1)

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ID: 2170 Upper Intermediate
College days are the glory days for many of us. In this lesson, a group of Chinese coworkers reminisce about those bygone days.
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分享 fēnxiǎng to share
lìng to make, let (cf. 让)
抑郁症 yìyùzhèng depression
住校 zhùxiào to live at school
dàxué shídài zài měige rén xīnli dōu shì fēicháng nánwàng de 。nà jīntiān wǒmen jiù fēnxiǎng yīxià dàxué shídài nàxiē lìng nǐ nánwàng de shì ba 。Gāo Líng ,nǐ xiān shuō shuo 。
College days are an unforgettable time in everyone's mind. So today let's share the unforgettable things from our college days. Gao Ling, you go first.
wǒ a ,shǒuxiān jiùshì wǒ yī shàng dàxué jiù dé le yìyùzhèng 。
Me? The first thing is that as soon as I started college I suffered from depression.
zénme huì ne ?
wǒ dàxué shíhou dì yī cì zhùxiào ma ,bā gè rén yī gè sùshè ,gèzhǒng de bù xíguàn ,yòu xiǎngjiā ,ránhòu jiù yìyù le 。
College was the first time I lived in a dorm. With eight people in one dormitory, there were all kinds of things I wasn't used to. I also missed home, so I got depressed.
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