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Typhoon Warning

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ID: 2750 Intermediate
BRIDGE LESSON We're trying another style with today's "podcast" by filming the episode in 2D video! Let us know your thoughts about this format. Today we have a really useful lesson for intermediate students looking to level up and start learning from original source material such as the news and weather. Today's lesson contains some more specialized words, so perhaps take a moment to look over the vocabulary before watching the lesson. Weather report background taken from the excellent website,
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气象 qìxiàng meteorology; weather
台风 táifēng typhoon
消息 xiāoxi news
形成 xíngchéng to take form
gèwèi guānzhòngpéngyou dàjiā hǎo ,huānyíng láidào Zhōngwén bōkè de qìxiàng shíjiān ,wǒmen xiànzài jiù lái kàn kan zuìxīn de táifēng xiāoxi 。
Hello to all of our viewers. Welcome to ChinesePod weather time. Let's have a look at the latest typhoon news.
jīnnián de dì jiǔ hào táifēng dàxiàng táifēng yǐjīng xíngchéng ,cóng wèixīngyúntú shàng ,kěyǐ kàndào táifēng de zhōngxīn wèizhi zài Táiběi de dōngběidōng fāng ,dàyuē sānbǎi sānshí gōnglǐ de hǎimiàn shàng 。
The ninth typhoon of this year Typhoon Chan-hom has already taken form. As you can see from the satellite image of the cloud patterns, the typhoon's center is located east-northeast of Taipei, at around 330 kilometers out to sea.
zhèng yǐ měixiǎoshí èrshí gōnglǐ de sùdù wǎng xīběi fāngxiàng Yídòng ,bàofēng bànjìng shì liǎngbǎi bāshí gōnglǐ ,mùqián háizài chíxù zēngqiáng 。
It's moving in a northwesterly direction at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. The radius of the storm is 280 kilometers, and it is continuing to grow.
yùjì míngtiān qīngchén bal4fāngquān cái huì zhújiàn yuǎnlí Táiwān 。
It's expected that the storm will gradually move away from Taiwan in the early hours of tomorrow.
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