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Typhoon Holiday

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ID: 2948 Upper Intermediate
When a typhoon hits, you usually get a day off from work. When this happens, people usually end up going to the cinema or shopping centre and enjoy the time off. However, for certain people, no work means no pay. Listen to a chat about how this affects two employees. Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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侥倖 jiǎoxìng lucky
老实说 lǎoshi shuō to be frank
不可思议 bùkěsīyì inconceivable
假如 jiǎrú if
zuótiān fàng le táifēngjià ,dànshì fēng yǔ bù suàn tàidà ,juéde yǒudiǎnr jiǎoxìng 。
Yesterday we had a typhoon day, but the wind and rain wasn't that bad, so I felt a little lucky.
lǎoshi shuō ,wǒ bù xǐhuan fàng táifēngjià 。
To be honest, I don't like getting off work for typhoon days.
zěnme kěnéng ?
How is that possible?
yīnwèi wǒmen gōngsī táifēngjià bù gěi xīnshuǐ ,yějiùshìshuō wǒ zuótiān shǎo zhuàn le yītiān de xīnshuǐ 。
Because our company doesn't pay us for typhoon days, which is to say, yesterday I lost a day's pay.
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