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TV Commercials

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ID: 0324 Upper Intermediate
Thanks to an “open door” policy, you can hear the neighbors’ “telly” in your own house. So why not possess the ability to stroll in, squeeze those feet into a tiny pair of their slippers and have a discussion about the new (somewhat annoying) commercials on TV these days? In this podcast, learn to discuss all you love and hate about TV commercials in Mandarin Chinese.
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创意 chuàngyì creativity
老套 lǎotào cliche
故意 gùyì purposely
另类 lìnglèi bizarre
xiànzài de guǎnggào zhēnshì yuèláiyuè kàn bù dǒng le 。nèiróng hé chǎnpǐn jiǎnzhí méi shénme liánxì 。
More than ever, I just don’t understand commercials these days. There’s simply no connection between the content of the commercial and the product.
shì ma ?wǒ dǎo juéde hǎo duō guǎnggào dōu méi shénme chuàngyì 。bǐrú xǐyīfěn guǎnggào ,yǒngyuǎn dōu shì yī ge xiǎohái bǎ shēnshang nòng de hěn zàng ,ránhòu māma wēixiào zhe yòng xǐyīfěn bāng tā xǐ gānjìng le 。duō lǎotào !
Really? Actually, I feel like a lot of commercials don't have any creativity. For example, laundry detergent commercials are forever about a child who gets his clothes really dirty, and then the mother uses the laundry detergent to wash them clean, smiling the whole time. It's so cliche!
shì ā ,érqiě yīdiǎn yě bù zhēnshí 。rúguǒ wǒ xiǎoshíhou bǎ yīfu nòng de zhème zàng ,wǒ māma yīdìng mà wǒ yī dùn 。bùguò zhèzhǒng guǎnggào dàoshì hěn róngyì míngbai ,wǒ zuì pà kàn nàzhǒng gùyì gǎo de hěn lìnglèi de guǎnggào ,gēnběn kàn bù dǒng 。
That's true. Plus, it's totally unrealistic. My mom would yell at me if I got my clothes that dirty when I was a child. But these type of commercials are actually very easy to understand. The ones I really hate watching are the bizarre ones that are totally incomprehensible.
hái yǒu gèng tǎoyàn de ne ,jiùshì nàzhǒng kuādà de guǎnggào ,hǎoxiàng yòng le yī ge xiǎo chǎnpǐn ,shēnghuó yíxiàzi jiù wánměi le 。nǐ shuō duō jiǎ !
Even worse though are the commercials that totally exaggerates, as if when you use one little product, your life will suddenly become perfect. It's just so fake!
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