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Turn the Bloody Lights OFF!

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ID: 2667 Intermediate
We are all familiar with this situation. You come home to find the entire house lit up like a christmas tree. It's not fun when you're the one paying the bills. No matter how many times you tell people to switch the lights off, they always seem to forget...
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亮着 liàngzhe to be on (of a light)
电风扇 diànfēngshàn electric fan
搞什么 gǎoshénme what do you mean by this?
yí ?méi rén zài jiā ma ?dàjiě ?bà ?
Huh? Is nobody home? Sis? Dad?
méi rén ?qíguài ?dēng dōu liàng zhe ,zěnme méi rén ne ?
No one? That's strange? The lights are all on, why's is no one here?
yòuláile !měicì chūmén dōu bù guāndēng ,shízài shì làngfèi diàn !lián diànfēngshàn dōu kāi zhe ,gǎoshénme ?
Again! Every time anyone leaves the house they leave the lights on, it's such a waste of electricity! Even the electric fan is on, what the hell!
guāndiào jiùhǎole ,shēng zhème dà de qì gànmá ?tāmen kěnéng zhǐshì chūqù yīxiàzi ,yòu xiǎng shuō wǒmen kuài huílai le ,suǒyǐ jiù méi guāndēng 。
Just turn them off, what's the point of getting so angry? Maybe they just went out for a minute, so they figured that they'd be back soon so didn't need to turn out the lights.
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