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ID: 0723 Upper Intermediate
When hot air rises, and cold air falls and every voice inside of you questions the integrity of this russian-made aircraft, don't lose your lunch into the bag like the man next to you. In this podcast, a Chinese lesson to teach you how to handle the plane ride that makes you wish you knew how to swear in Mandarin.
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遇到 yùdào to encounter
气流 qìliú turbulence
颠簸 diānbǒ to jolt
过山车 guòshānchē rollercoaster
chéngkè men ,fēijī xiànzài yùdào le qìliú ,diānbǒ de hěn lìhai 。qǐng mǎshàng jì hǎo ānquándài 。shōu qǐ xiǎozhuōbǎn ,tiáozhí zuòyǐ kàobèi 。zhàn zhe de chéngkè qǐng mǎshàng huí zuòwèi 。jīshàng xǐshǒujiān zàntíng shǐyòng 。
Passengers, the aircraft is encountering some severe turbulence at the moment. Please fasten your seat belts immediately. Stow your tray tables, and return your seats to the upright position. Standing passengers please return to your seats at once. Lavatories will be temporarily unavailable.
nǐ gǎnkuài jì hǎo ānquándài 。tiān a ,zěnme diān de zhème lìhai 。wǒ kàn yǒudiǎn bù zhèngcháng 。
Hurry up and put your seat belt on. Oh my goodness. Why is it jolting this much? I don’t think this is normal.
nǐ bié luànshuō 。yòu bù shì dì yī cì yùdào qìliú ,zhè shì hěn zhèngcháng de shìqing 。
Stop with the nonsense. This is not the first time you'll come across turbulence. This is a very normal occurrence.
zhèngcháng ?nǐ kàn ,diān de xiàng guòshānchē yīyàng ,zénme huì zhèngcháng ?zhēn dǎoméi ,wǒ gāng chī guo fàn jiù yùdào qìliú ,wǒ yǒudiǎn xiǎng tù 。
Normal? Look, that drop was like a rollercoaster. How is that normal? What luck. I just ate and now we have turbulence. I feel like I'm going to throw up.
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