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Travelling to Kyoto

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ID: 3067 Upper Intermediate
A friend is planning a trip to Kyoto, Japan, and gets some advice from their travel writer friend....
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京都 Jīngdū Kyoto
打听 dǎting to ask around
攻略 gōngluè strategy
写手 xiěshǒu writer
wǒ hǎo xiǎngqù Rìběn wán ya !èi !nǐ qù guò Jīngdū ma ?
I really want to travel to Japan! Ah! Have you been to Kyoto?
nà dāngrán !nǐ yě bu qù dǎting dǎting ,wǒ kě shì Jīngdū lǚyóu gōngluè xiěshǒu 。Jīngdū yōngyǒu fēngfù de wénhuà yíchǎn ,shì chánlián shìjiè páimíng dì yī zuì yǒu mèilì de chéngshì !
Of course! You clearly haven't caught wind that I write as part of Kyoto's tourism strategy. Kyoto has a substantial number of cultural heritage sites and has ranked top in terms of nice cities for several years running.
xíng le xíng le !nǐ qiānxū diǎnr ,zhèxiē hái yòng nǐ shuō ma ?wǒ zǎo jiù xiàzǎi hǎo lǚyóu gōngluè ruǎnjiàn ,shéi hái shàngwǎng pá gōngluè ne !
OK! OK! Can you be a little bit more modest? I don't need to hear all this from you, do I? I downloaded a trip planning app ages ago, who still goes on the internet to plan their trip?
lǚyóu ruǎnjiàn néng gàosu nǐ rúhé xīnshǎng jīngdōu de měi ma ?chūnjì shǎngyīng 、qiūtiān shǎngfēng ,dōng rì zài fēng xuě zhōng lǐnghuì qiān nián gǔdōu de měilì āichóu ...
Can software tell you how to enjoy the beauty Kyoto has to offer? With the cherry blossoms in spring and the maple trees in autumn, or enjoying the desolate beauty of the the thousand-year-old ancient city of Kyoto in the snow...
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