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Travel Wedding

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ID: 1739 Upper Intermediate
Weddings in China have a long and glorious tradition. So much planning, so many guests, and a ton of protocol. But what if you could skip the whole ceremony and just do the honeymoon, and call it a "travel wedding?" The young lovebirds in this lesson would like to do just that, but their traditional Chinese parents will have none of it.
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双方 shuāngfāng both sides
认可 rènkě to approve
商量 shāngliang to talk, to discuss
旅行结婚 lǚxíng jiéhūn travel wedding
nǐmen de shì shuāngfāng fùmǔ dōu rènkě le ,kěyǐ kǎolǜ hūnlǐ de shìqing le ba ?
You've both gotten your parents' approval. Have you put any thought into your wedding plans?
mā ,wǒ gēn Xiǎo Jiǎng dōu shāngliang hǎo le ,wǒmen yào lǚxíng jiéhūn !
Mom, I've talked it over with Xiao Jiang. We want to have a 'travel wedding'!
lǚxíng shénme shíhou bùnéng qù a ?bàn wán hūnlǐ qù dù mìyuè bù jiù xíng le ?
Can't you go traveling anytime? Isn't going on your honeymoon after having the wedding enough?
bàn hūnlǐ tài máfan ,yào dìng jiǔdiàn ,hūnchē ,fā qǐngjiǎn ,qǐng sīyí ,xuǎn hūnshā lǐfú ,háiyǒu yīdàduī shénme lǐjié ,xiǎngxiang jiù tóuténg 。
Planning a wedding is so much trouble. You have to book a hotel, wedding car, send out invitations, invite an MC, and pick out a wedding dress, not to mention a bunch of etiquette and rules. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.
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