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Train Station Announcements

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ID: 2891 Intermediate
Mind the Gap! Understanding train or airline announcement is an important skill to have and might just be the difference between catching your ride, or spending the night on an uncomfortable bench. These tannoy announcements usually contain quite formal or specialized language that you're unlikely to hear it in day to day speech. Luckily for you, ChinesePod guides you through some common things you're likely to hear so that next time you can pick out some key works and not miss your ride. Photo by Nicolas Alejandro
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各位 gèwèi each
开往 kāiwǎng to drive to
全面 quánmiàn comprehensive
前往 qiánwǎng to go to
gèwèi lǚkè nínhǎo ,shíwǔdiǎnrèrshíliùfen kāi wǎng Shànghǎi de wǔ yī liù hào lièchē ,yántú tíngkào chángzhōu 、wúxī 、Sūzhōu ,qǐng zài qī hào zhàntái jiǎnpiào jìn zhàn hòuchē 。
Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, for the 516 to Shanghai scheduled for 15:26, stopping at Changzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou, please enter platform 7 through the ticketing gate to wait for the train.
gèwèi lǚkè ,běn chēzhàn zhàn nèi quánmiàn jìnzhǐ xīyān ,rúguǒ xūyào xīyān ,qǐng qiánwǎng běimén chūkǒu páng de xīyānqū xīyān ,xièxie 。
Ladies and Gentlemen, smoking inside the station is completely forbidden. If you need to smoke, please go to the smoking area beside the north gate, thank you.
gèwèi lǚkè ,qǐng suíshí zhùyì zìjǐ de suíshēn xíngli 。
Ladies and Gentlemen, please mind your luggage.
gèwèi lǚkè ,shíwǔdiǎnshíbāfēn kāi wǎng Sūzhōu de yī yī liù hào lièchē ,zài jiǔ hào zhàntái jíjiāng yào kāi le ,qǐng shàngwèi shàngchē de lǚkè jǐnkuài shàngchē 。
Ladies and Gentlemen, the 116 to Suzhou scheduled for 15:18 is about to depart from platform 9, can all passengers yet to embark do so as soon as possible.
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