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Traditional Chinese Paintings

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ID: 1427 Upper Intermediate
We've got a lesson rich in culture for you today. We'll be delving into the world of high art. You'll learn how to talk about art and how to talk about the authenticity of artwork.
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水墨 shuǐmò ink and wash painting
奔马图 Bēnmǎtú painting of galloping horses
形似 xíngsì to be similar in appearance
临摹 línmó reproduction of a piece of art
Lǎo Zhèng ,tīngshuō nǐ cānjiā le qū lǐ de guóhuà bān 。
Mr. Zheng, I heard you're taking a traditional painting class
shì a ,xué xue guóhuà ,fēngfù yīxià lǎonián shēnghuó ma 。
That's right. Studying traditional painting can enrich one's life in old age.
nà zhǔyào xué nǎ fāngmiàn de ,shānshuǐ 、rénwù 、shuǐmò háishì niǎoshòu ?
Well, which aspects will your studies focus on? Landscapes, people, ink and wash, or animals?
hái bù zhīdào ne ,cái shàng le yī jié kè 。āi ,Lǎo Liú ,nǐ lái kàn kan zhè fú Bēnmǎtú 。
I'm still not sure. I've only had one class. Hey, Mr. Liu, come take a look at this painting of galloping horses.
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