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Trade Expos

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ID: 2654 Intermediate
Trade shows are a great way to see new products and make new contacts, but nowadays you can save a lot of costs by finding all your leads online. Listen in as two acquaintances discuss the pro's and cons of coming to a trade fair.
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参展 cānzhǎn to attend an exhibition or expo
zhǎn exhibition; expo
固定 gùdìng fixed
成效 chéngxiào result
Wú jīnglǐ ,hǎojiǔbújiàn ā ,nǐmen jīnnián yě lái cānzhǎn ā !
Mr Wu, long time no see, you came to take part in the expo this year too!
shì a ,Chén Zǒng !zhè ge zhǎn shì wǒmen yèwù bù měinián de gùdìng xíngchéng 。
Yes, Ms. Chen! This is a fixed part of our sales department's itinerary.
nǐ qùnián búshì shuō ,chéngxiào bù jiā ,jīnnián kěnéng jiù bù dǎsuàn lái le ?
Didn't you say last year that results weren't good and that this year you weren't planning on coming?
ǎi ,qíshí xiànzài wǎnglù fādá ,wǒmen hěn duō kèhù dōu shì zhíjiē zàiwǎngshàng liánluò 。wǒ bìngbù juéde cānzhǎn hěnyǒu xiàolǜ ,dànshì wǒmen lǎobǎn háishì juéde cānzhǎn yǒu tā de hǎochu 。
Oh! Actually, nowadays the internet is so developed, lots of our clients contact us directly online. I don't think that attending the expo is very effective, but the boss thinks that attending still has some benefits.
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