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Too Much Pressure on Kids (Bridge lesson)

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ID: 2876 Intermediate
BRIDGE LESSON Kids these days, particularly in China are super stressed. Not only do they have school most of the day, and homework that's not finished until late into the evening, but they also have lots of extracurricular classes that they must attend to stay ahead of the class. If you want to give your child the best start in life and not hold back their academic achievements, it seems that constant schooling is a must nowadays. Listen to two adults discuss this trend, and how it was much easier back in the old days when you didn't need to force these academic pursuits. Photo by Claire mono
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报道 bàodào to report
chēng to state
压力 yālì pressure
普遍 pǔbiàn universally
zuìjìn yǒu bàodào chēng ,Zhōngguó háizi yālì pǔbiàn jiàodà 。
There was a report recently that stated that Chinese children are generally under more stress.
shì a !Yàzhōu de háizi yālì dōu dà ,yóuqí shì Zhōngguó háizi 。
Yes! Asian children are all under more pressure, especially Chinese children.
méicuò ,xiǎngxiang wǒmen xiǎo shíhou ,xuéxiào zuòyè yīdàduī ,huídàojiā yǐhòu ,hái děi wánchéng māma bùzhì de zuòyè 。
That's right, thinking back on when we were little, we had a ton of homework, so when we went back home, we also had to finish the homework assigned by mom.
hái yào cānjiā wúshù gè péixùnbān 。
And we also had to attend countless skills classes.
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