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To "The God of Drinking"

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ID: 2632 Intermediate
Today we're going to be teaching you all about drinking culture. How to both propose a toast as well as decline one respectfully while maintaining face. Packed full of great language nuggets, your next drinking session will have you toasting with the best of them. 干杯!
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难得 nándé rare
委托案 wěituōàn commission; tender; propsal
送审 sòngshěn to hand in for approval
不...不行 bù...bùxíng no choice but to
Chén zhǔrèn ,nándé wǒmen de wěituōàn sòngshěn le ,bù hǎohāo hē liǎng bēi bùxíng !
Director Chen, it's not every day we send a proposal up for approval, we must have a couple of drinks!
Wú lǎobǎn ,yīnggāi yào xièxie nǐ !xīnkǔ le !
Mr Wu, I should thank you for your hard work!
nǎr5 de huà !lái lái lái !zhè kě shì ge dà ànzi ,wèilái liǎng nián hái yào nǐ duōduō guānzhào le ,zhè yì bēi wǒ xiāngānwéijìng !
Not at all! Come come! This is a big project, we'll need your help over the next two years, I'll down this glass first for my respect of you!
nǐ jiǔliàng hǎo ,wǒ bútài néng hē 。
Your alcohol tolerance is very good, I can't really drink too much.
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