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To pack or to go? 如饥似渴──打包还是带走?

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ID: 4171 Upper Intermediate
Have you struggled with what to say for dine in, takeouts, home delivery when you’re hungry and want food fast! 打包 is synonymous with 带走 in Mandarin. Literally to first pack and then takeaway. So the next time when you’re at a Chinese restaurant use these useful vocabulary! 打包、带走、外卖......这些词有什么区别呢?“如饥似渴”真的是在说一个人又饿又渴吗?听听今天的课文,你就有答案了! HSK lvl 4 提前 抱歉 支持 实在 安排 HSK lvl 5 不好意思 反正 招待 优惠 居然 目前 逗 HSK lvl 6 打包 疏忽 补偿 计较 扁
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biǎn flat; (coll.)
不好意思 bùhǎoyìsi to feel embarrassed; to find it embarrassing; to be sorry (for inconveniencing sb)
打包 dǎbāo to wrap; to pack; to put leftovers in a doggy bag for take-out
糊弄 hùnong to fool; to deceive; to go through the motions
wǒ de niúpái hànbǎo kuài hǎo le ma ?rén dōu yào è biǎn le 。
Is my steak burger ready. I’m very hungry.
bùhǎoyìsi jiǔděng le ,qǐngwèn nín yào dǎbāo háishi dàizǒu ?
Sorry to have kept you waiting, would you like to pack or to go?
nǐ hùnong wǒ ya ?fǎnzhèng jiùshì bùnéng zài diàn lǐ chī shì ma ?
Are you kidding me? Why can’t I eat in the store?
wǒmen mǎshàng jiùyào dǎyàng le ,suǒyǐ kěnéng méiyǒu shíjiān zhāodài nín nèiyòng le 。
We’re about to close for the day so we may not have time to serve you in the store.
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