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Time for School, Mom and Dad

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ID: 2400 Intermediate
Junior is starting first grade, but who's going to take him to and from school? In this lesson, a married couple have a discussion about how to adjust to their child's school schedule.
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就要 jiùyào to be about to
认识 rènshi to know (a person)
独立 dúlì independent
年级 niánjí grade
ài ,háiyǒu liǎng gè lǐbài ,wǒmen XiǎoBǎo jiùyào shàng xiǎoxué le ,dàoshíhou shéi qù jiē sòng ā ?
Hey, we've got two weeks. Our child is about to start elementary school. When that time comes, who's going to take him to and from school?
ràng tā zìjǐ zǒulù qù ba ,xuéxiào yòu bù yuǎn ,tā rènshi lù 。nánháizi yào zǎodiǎn dúlì ,wǒ xiǎoxué deshíhou dōu shì zìjǐ qù de 。
Let him walk by himself. The school isn't far and he knows the way. Boys need to be independent early. When I was in elementary school, I went by myself.
kěshì tā cái gāng shàng xiǎoxué yīniánjí 。zàishuō le ,yǐqián néng hé xiànzài bǐ ma ,yǐqián mǎlù shang nǎ yǒu zhème duō chē ā ?kāixué qián xuéxiào kāi guo yī cì jiāzhǎnghuì ,lǎoshī shuō le :wèile ānquán ,yīniánjí dào sānniánjí de xuéshēng shàngxué fàngxué yīdìng yào yǒu jiāzhǎng jiē sòng 。
But he's just started the first grade. In addition, can you compare the way things were to how they are now? Were there so many cars on the roads before? Before school started, the school held a parents meeting and the teacher said: In order to be safe, students from first to third grade going to and from school must have a parent pick them up and drop them off.
nà jǐdiǎn yào dào xuéxiào ?jǐdiǎn fàngxué ?
Then what time do we need to get to school? When does school end?
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