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ID: 2708 Intermediate
Do you still continue to support your high school or university sports team? Listen to two friends supporting their high school basketball team in the national finals and learn plenty of ball game related vocabulary.
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错过 cuòguò le to miss
bān measure word for train or bus
座位 zuòwèi seat
jié quarter
zěnme chídào le ?wǒ yǐwéi nǐ fàng wǒ gēzi ne !
Why were you late? I thought you'd stood me up!
bùhǎoyìsi ,cuòguò le yì bān gōngchē ,suǒyǐ chí le 。
Sorry, I missed the bus.
méishì ,hái láidejí 。wǒ kàn kan shíkèbiǎo shàng yǒu méiyǒu xiě dìdiǎn ,duì !jiùshì zhèr ,jìnqù ba 。
It's OK, there's still time. See if the schedule mentions the place, oh yes! It's here, let's go in.
èi ,bǐsài yǐjīng kāishǐ la ,wǒmen kuài diǎn zhǎo zuòwèi zuòxia 。
Ah, the match has already started, let's find a place to sit down.
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