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This Coffee is a Ripoff!

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ID: 2669 Upper Intermediate
After a long days hike, you spot a nice looking cafe to quench your thirst. But upon sitting down you realise that the place is ridiculously expensive. What to do? Save face and stomach the bill or get up and walk away...
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mán quite
梦幻 mènghuàn fantasy
再说 zài shuō furthermore
大不了 in the worst case scenario at worst
hū !zǒu de lèi sǐ le ,kǒu hǎo kě ,nǐ hái hǎo ma ?
Ah! My legs are tired from so much walking and I'm very thirsty, are you OK?
wǒ hái hǎo ,búguò tàiyáng nàme dà ,wǒ yě xiǎng zhǎo gè dìfang zuò zuo ,xiūxi yíxià 。
I'm OK, but the sun is quite strong, I'd like to find somewhere to sit, to rest for a while.
qiánmian yǒu jiā kāfēidiàn ,kàn qǐlái mán shūfu de ,qù zuò zuo ba 。
There's a cafe up ahead, it looks nice, let's have a seat.
hǎo a !nǐ shì shuō nà jiā bùzhì de hěn mènghuàn de diàn ,duìba ?bù zhīdào huì búhuì hěn guì ?
OK! You mean the one decorated like something out of a dream, yes? Do you think it will be a little expensive?
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