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The Year of the Rooster Wishes

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ID: 3021 Upper Intermediate
It's coming up to Chinese New Year (2017) and this year it is the Year of the Rooster. Learn some phrases to wish someone well this coming CNY.
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围炉 wéilú to gather together (around a stove; generally for a festival)
通常 tōngcháng generally
气氛 qìfen atmosphere
融合 rónghé fusion
dàjiā xīnnián kuàilè !měinián guònián dōu kěyǐ gēn hǎo péngyou yīqǐ wéilú chīfàn ,shì xīn de yī nián zuì hǎo de kāishǐ 。
Happy New Year everyone! The best way to start the New Year is to gather around the stove to eat a meal with friends.
lìměi ,nǐ hǎojǐnián méi huílai guònián le ba ?zài guówài nǐ xīnnián dōu zěnme guò ?
Limei, It's been several years since you've come back for Chinese New Year, no? How do you spend Chinese New Year when you're overseas?
Fǎguórén dāngrán bù guò nónglì xīnnián ,wǒ tōngcháng hé qítā liúxuéshēng zài jiā yīqǐ chī huǒguō wéilú 。
Of course French people don't celebrate the Chinese New Year, so I normally gather together with other exchange students for hot pot.
nà yě hěnyǒu qìfen ,zài Bālí guò Zhōngguó xīnnián ,zhēn yǒu yīzhǒng zhōng xī rónghé de làngmàn 。
So there was still some atmosphere to it. Spending Chinese New Year in Paris, really has a romantic sense of fusion between China and the West.
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