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The Working Hours Policy

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ID: 1742 Upper Intermediate
Formal Chinese can be a bit tricky at first. In this lesson, your trusty ChinesePod hosts dissect a typical announcement from HR, explaining in everyday terms what that formal language about "flexible work hours" is trying to say.
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员工 yuángōng employee
提高 tígāo to raise
管理 guǎnlǐ to manage
效率 xiàolǜ efficiency
gèwèi yuángōng hǎo !
Hello everyone!
wèi tígāo guǎnlǐ xiàolǜ ,bìng wèi yuángōng chuàngzào gèng kuānsōng hé tánxìng de gōngzuò huánjìng ,cóng jiǔyuèyīrì qǐ ,gōngsī jiāng shíxíng tánxìng gōngzuòzhì 。
In order to improve managerial efficiency and to create a more relaxed and flexible working environment for our employees, starting September 1st the company will be implementing a flexible working system.
yuángōng kěyǐ gēnjv4 shíjì qíngkuàng xuǎnzé zài zǎoshang bā diǎn zhì shí diǎn zhījiān jìn bàngōngshì shàngbān 。
Employees may choose to come to work between 8:00 and 10:00 AM according to their own circumstances.
měitiān gōngzuò shíjiān bìxv1 mǎn bā xiǎoshí 。lìrú :zǎoshang bā diǎn jìn gōngsī kěyǐ xiàwǔ wǔ diǎn líkāi ,jiǔ diǎn bàn jìn gōngsī kěyǐ liù diǎn bàn líkāi 。bāokuò yī xiǎoshí wǔcān shíjiān 。
Every work day must consist of eight working hours, e.g. entering the office at 8:00 AM allows employees to leave at 5:00 PM; entering the office at 9:30 AM allows employees to leave at 6:30 PM. This includes one hour for lunch.
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