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The Two Child Policy

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ID: 2839 Intermediate
As of January 2016, Chinese couples are officially allowed two children. The one-child policy was established in 1979 to curb a growing population and strain on the nation.Since then, several caveats have opened up allowing certain families to have more than once child. However, as of January 2016, the policy has gone nationwide.Listen to the show to hear how certain young people feel about the relaxation of this law.Will there be a population explosion? Can young people really afford to raise more children in large cities? Tune in to find out. Photo credits: Flag Children
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头条 tóutiáo headline
变成 biànchéng to change into
历史 lìshǐ history
可不是嘛 kěbushì ma ain't that the truth
wā ,zuìjìn xīnwén tóutiáo dōu shì “èr tāi huà ”ā 。
Wow, the second child policy has made headlines recently.
shì a ,“yī tāi huà ”cóng xiànzài kāishǐ biànchéng lìshǐ le 。
Yes, the one child policy has stepped into the pages of history.
kěbushì ma ,yǐjīng yǒu dì èr ge háizi de jiātíng zhōngyú kěyǐ fàngxīn xiù wá le 。
That's right, families who already have a second child can finally show off their kids.
duìya !
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