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The Snowstorm Strikes

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ID: 2995 Upper Intermediate
There be a blizzard blowing, and the water and electricity might get cut off. It's getting colder inside and someone has a report to finish. Listen as two students discuss the pros and cons of the snowstorm outside. Photo by imagesbywestfall
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暴风雪 bàofēngxuě snowstorm
来袭 láixí for a storm to strike
积雪 jīxuě snow cover
宣布 xuānbù to announce
nǐmen kàndào xīnwén méiyǒu ?bàofēngxuě lái xí ,wàimian jīxuě yǐjīng hǎojǐ chǐ shēn le ,zhèngfǔ xuānbù míngtiān tíng bān tíng kè 。
Have you seen the news? The snowstorm strikes! The snow is meters deep outside. The government has announced that there will be no school or work tomorrow.
gānghǎo ā !wǒ běnlái hái dānxīn qīmò bàogào gǎn bù wán le ,fàngjià yěhǎo ,kěyǐ chènjī zhuānxīn xiě bàogào 。
What good timing! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to complete the end of term report. It's just as well there's a day off, I can use to time to concentrate on finishing my report.
dànshì nǐ kàn chuāngwài ,wǒ de chē yībàn dōu máizài xuě lǐ le ,zhè ràng wǒ zěnme zhuānxīn xiě bàogào ā !
But look out the window, my car is half buried in snow. How I am supposed to concentrate on the report?
suàn le ba ,fánshìtiāndìng ,bié tì chēzi dānxīn le ,zǒng bǐ lùshang jiébīng hái děi kāichē shàng lù hǎo duōle 。duìle !zánmen jiālǐ háiyǒu méiyǒu cúnliáng ā ?
Don't worry about it. It's up to the heavens now. Don't worry about the car now. It's much better than having to drive on an icy road. Ah yes, do we have any food in storage.
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