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The Snail Maiden

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ID: 1935 Intermediate
It's every guy's dream to have his meals catered by a snail that turns into a girl, right? Enjoy this traditional Chinese story (but try to keep your anti-snail inflammatory comments to yourself... she's sensitive.)
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单身汉 dānshēnhàn bachelor
勤劳 qínláo industrious
干活 gànhuó to do work
cóngqián ,yǒu yī wèi dānshēnhàn 。tā fēicháng qínláo ,měitiān dōu qù dì lǐ gànhuó 。
Once upon a time there was a bachelor. He was very industrious. Every day he went out to work in the fields.
yǒuyīcì ,tā kàndào yī zhī dà tiánluó ,jiù dài huí jiā ,yǎng zài shuǐgāng lǐ 。
Once he found a large snail. He took it home and raised it in a jar of water.
hěnkuài ,sān nián guòqù le 。yǒu yī tiān ,tā gàn wán huó huíjiā ,fāxiàn zhuōzi shàng bǎi mǎn le fàncài 。
Very soon, three years went by. One day when he returned home from work, the bachelor discovered his table full of prepared food.
liánxù jǐtiān dōu shì zhèyàng 。tā gǎndào hěn qíguài ,jiù duǒ qǐlái kàn shì shéi zuò de 。
This continued to happen the next few days. He found it very strange, so he hid to find out who was making it.
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