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The Sharing Economy

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ID: 4026 Upper Intermediate
This lesson is about the new concept of the sharing economy. For example, leasing your house out on Airbnb, or Tesla's concept of sharing your car when you're not using it. Popular in a lot of big cities now is the idea of shared bicycles. The problem is that users do not park them in designated areas, and without proper management, it can cause public outcry and a lack of parking.
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共享经济 gòngxiǎng jīngjì sharing economy
势不可挡 shì bùkě dǎng an irresistible force
脍炙人口 kuàizhìrénkǒu appealing to the masses
共享单车 gòngxiǎng dāngchē shared bicycles
xià yī zé xīnwén dài nín lái guānxīn ,gòngxiǎng jīngjì shì bùkě dǎng ,yǐjīng chéngwéi xīnchuàng gōngsī jiān zuì kuàizhìrénkǒu de gàiniàn ...
News presenter: And coming up, how the sharing economy trend can't be held back, already becoming the hottest new concept for start-ups...
shénme gòngxiǎng jīngjì ma !wǒ jīntiān chūmén yào tíng gè jīchē ,tíngchēgé dōu bèi gòngxiǎng dānchē gěi zhàn mǎn le ,tíngchēgé guīhuà de yītāhútu ,xiànzài yòu yào kāifàng gòngxiǎng dānchē ?
What's with that sharing economy! I went out today and needed to park my scooter, and all the parking spaces were occupied by shared bicycles. The parking spaces are all so muddled up, so now they want to launch shared bicycles?
wǒ juéde gòngxiǎng dānchē méi shénme bùtuǒ ya !nǐ kàn yòng shǒujī sǎo yī sǎo èrwéimǎ ,bǐ gōnggòng dānchē fāngbiàn duō le 。zhǐyào dàjiā néng zìjué yīdiǎn ,bǎ chē tíng zài huà dìng de tíngchēwèi jiù xíng le 。
I think there's nothing wrong with shared bicycles! Look, you can scan the QR code with your phone, which is far more convenient than public bicycles. As long as everyone can be a little bit more conscientious, and park the bicycles in the properly delineated spaces.
fāngbiàn shì fāngbiàn ,shìzhèng guīhuà 、jiāotōng zhèngcè yě děi gēnshàng jiǎobù ya !yònghù zhǐ zhīdào qí ,quèbù zhīdào tíng nǎr ?shuō zhǐnéng línshí tíng ,dànshì shéizhīdào suǒwèi línshí shì duō jiǔ ?
Convenience is convenience, but city planning and transport policy has to catch up! The users only concern themselves with cycling, but don't know where to park? They say they're only parking temporarily, but who knows how long "temporary" is supposed to be?
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