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The Seven Year Itch 4: The End of the Itch

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ID: 1856 Upper Intermediate
We've witnessed the trials and tribulations endured by couples afflicted with the seven-year-itch: fierce arguments, suspect extramarital interactions, even divorce. Luckily, at least one couple has managed to make it through relatively unscathed with their relationship intact. Listen in as she discusses with her close friend how she and her husband were able to cope. You can find the previous lesson in the series here.
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闺蜜 guīmì girlfriend (platonic)
抛在脑后 pāozàinǎohòu 'to be at the back of one's mind'
贴心 tiēxīn intimate, close
一眨眼 yīzhǎyǎn in the blink of an eye
Yīngyīng ,kàn nǐ zhěnggè rén shéncǎifēiyáng de ,hǎoxiàng yòu huí dào le dàxué shídài !
Yingying, look at you in such high spirits! It's like you're a college kid again.
yǒu ma ?hēhē 。dōu shì sānshí duō suì de huángliǎnpó le 。bùguò xiànzài érzi shàng yòu\'éryuán le ,zhěnggè rén qīngsōng le bùshǎo 。
Really? Heh heh. I'm a thirty-something old housewife. But now that my son has started kindergarten, I'm much more relaxed.
háizi yī shàng yòuéryuán jiù hǎo duō le ,gǎnjué xiàng áochūtóu le 。
When your child starts kindergarten things get much better. It feels like a breath of fresh air.
shì a !nǐ kàn zánliǎ ,yǒu duō jiǔ méi yīqǐ chūlái guàng guo jiē le 。
Yeah! Look at the two of us -- how long has it been since we've hung out together like this?
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